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Survey — We value your feedback

We want to have continuous dialogue with dioceses and their many users in parishes, schools, and agencies. So please give us your feedback, so we can have continuous improvement, an aspiration for The Post

  1. Training Resources
    How important is training for employees, clergy, and volunteers?

    Very Important
    Not a priority at this time

  2. What other daily tools/links that you use might we want to put on our home page? (For example, we included a Google search button as well as discussion boards and social media)

  3. What other topics/resources are of interest to you? (Note that we have incorporated the many financial and human resource services that we, at Gallagher, focus on--insurance, risk management, health & wellness, etc.)

  4. What is your initial reaction to this overall concept of The Post?

    Very Good

  5. Are you willing to be consulted by our team about future developments and enhancements?


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